Launching the LM Radio Wine Club

“Tasting wine is the best mental exercise you can do.” — Michael Fridjhon, Wine Wizard

Many of us are afraid of the whole wine tasting experience. Or, we’re afraid to choose a wine in a restaurant or in the company of friends in case we make a fool of ourselves. We’ll often spend more than we can afford by choosing a wine by price so as to not look cheap or ignorant when a lower cost wine may in fact be better for the occasion.

The LM Radio Wine Club is all about trying new wines and learning which wines you like without being influenced by price or label. We keep the tastings simple, and don’t use fancy terms which tend to intimidate people.

Most of the tastings are conducted blind according to a theme, so that you won’t be able to see the label. We guarantee that you will have a lot of fun, meet new people, and learn a little bit about wine.

At each tasting we’ll give you a little bit of information about the wines. From time to time we’ll have a guest winemaker to come and present their wines to us.

The theme for the first tasting will be Sparkling Wines. There will be one Champagne, 1 carbonated wine, and 4 Methode Cap Classique. You will try all 6 wines, and then you will be asked 3 questions;

  1. Which is your favourite wine?
  2. Which is the Champagne?
  3. Which is the carbonated wine?

You’ll learn that you don’t have to splash out R600 on a French Champagne, when you can buy a very decent bubbly for R100 or less!

“There is no reason to spend much than R100 to R200 for a decent bottle of wine to go with a meal. When wines do fetch more than this its usually a measure of willingness to indulge rather than a quality driven necessity”. –  Michael Fridjhon

The tastings cost R200, which include starter wines that you can sip while waiting to start the tasting proper. There is an annual membership fee of R100 which also covers the cost of your personal tasting glass. The tasting will comprise sampling 6 wines.

The inaugural tasting takes place at the Adega Restaurant in Bedfordview Gauteng on 2 November 2018. Booking is essential as the tasting is limited to 50 people.

To book email: