Presenters: Garth Whittaker and Palesa Ratsomo
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LM Breakfast
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Garth Whittaker and Palesa Ratsomo
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I started an affair with the microphone way back in the very early 1070’s and progressed through from mobile disco’s in those days into Night Clubs in Durban, notable Sneaky Pete’s, Crazy Horse, The Millionaires and Club Tomorrow. I then got into Capital Radio 604 as one of their Traffic Reporter’s from the Capital Barclays Helicopter, I was then offered a job at Radio Port Natal which eventually became East Coast Radio or ECR as it now known. During my time with the SABC I did many spots on national TV, this followed a 2 year stint on P4 Radio doing smooth jazz. After a very long break I am now on LM Radio and loving it.

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