About LM Radio

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The LM Radio project started in August 2005 with Chris Turner’s dream to bring high quality music radio back to Southern Africa. The original LM Radio which broadcast from 1936 to 1975 was an independant radio station that set the standard for music radio. It was the first commercial radio to broadcast on Short Waves and the first in Africa.

Chris realised that the icon station had both tremendous brand value and also provided a professional model for music radio which would appeal to the more mature listener. In December 2009, LM Radio began a pilot broadcast on the transmitters of Radio Jovem. The station was such a huge success that Chris and his Mozambique partners applied in February 2010 for a permanent licence to broadcast to the people of Maputo, Matola and southern Mozambique.


The Mozambique regulatory authorities the INCM (Institute for National Communications Mozambique) and Gabinfo processed the LM licence application efficiently. Following a technical inspection, LM Radio received a letter from Gabinfo on 10 September 2010 granting the frequency 87.8 FM for Maputo. On 16 September the station hosted a delegation from Gabinfo, headed by Gabinfo Director, Mr Ricardo Diamande.

The station was also honoured by the presence of Prof AJ Lopes, Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at the University Eduardo Mondlane in Maputo. Also present was Mr Marcos Muledzera on behalf of Mr Luis Loforte who was unable to attend. LM Radio received a temporary licence to broadcast on 20 Sep, while the permanent licence (Alvara) is processed by the Council of Ministers.

The studios are located in a multi-storey building with stunning views of the Cidade de Maputo, the bay and as far as Macaneta. Facilities include a complete automated playout system for live presentation during normal listening hours or pre-recorded broadcasting overnight. A production facility allows voice inserts, news items and spots to be recorded and packaged.

LM Radio serves foreign residents, visitors and Mozambicans who enjoy our style of music and who wish to improve their command of English. The station serves its listeners by being involved in local community events, arts and culture. The style of broadcasting is friendly and personal. It is designed to have broad appeal. Stay tuned to 87.8 MHz FM in Maputo, Matola and surrounding areas to be kept up to date and in the know.