Listener Feedback

Hello Chris .. you doing a splendid job .. SIR … !!!
thanks for all the lekker music ..
kindest regards ..
ole Spens

le Spens

Good day Errol, I am not that a big rugby fan, but a huge fan of LM Radio. Great music by you!

Freddie Snijman

Your music is awesome today – i love it!
I have not been able to tune in for about 8 months since my previous world band receiver broke.
Received my new world band receiver today.
Its great to be able to tune in on LM Radio again!
Thank you for the wonderful music!!!


I love LM Radio. The best station ever. There is more music than talking

Colette Van Heerden

Dankie vir die lekker musiek op LM Radio


Hi Tinky listening to you from London in the U.K. Returning home this weekend and normal service will resume next week.


Love Lm radio!

Michelle Adams

Just having a bit of Me time and converted a new Listener at the Peach Blossom Spa at the Rotunda Hilton. Much more relaxing with LM playing

Sir Gregg P

Listening on TuneIn, thank you for the great show Tinkie

Sean from Durban

Hi Tim, thanks for the music , all the best to you and the team. Listening in, from Belfast NI .

David from Belfast, NI

Good afternoon. Have a happy day to all at LM Radio and thanks for the good music on LM Radio

William from Dinwiddie, Germiston

Regards to friends and family in South Africa. Keep up the amazing music LM Radio, yay for Internet streaming.

Joel from Perth SA

Your Station is the best

Charmaine from Pietermaritzburg

Hi. I build recycled wood furniture at home. Permanent LM radio in the background maintains my sanity. Thanks for great radio.

Stuart from Pretoria

Morning, thanks for the awesome music. To all the LM radio listeners may you have a blessed and safe weekend.


love the compilations, Thanks

Lorraine Saunders

Thank you for being part of my life

Martie Booysen

This is the best program on the air for 70 80 and 90 s music great for all us oldies

Cyril Clare

Thumps Up for LM Radio

Sharon Ahyun

Best station ever

Gerrit Davel

Loving every moment, stunning radio station!

Zandra Emmanuel

Listen every Saturday. I just love your selections Bobby. Thanks for all the memories in a song.

Helen Parker

Best radio station love it

Vernie Pillay

Wonderful music!! Keep up the good music!!!

Frances Clayton

Love LM radio, I never turn it off

Karen Joan Bender

Love the music!!!

Janet Stoltz Breitenbach

I Luv u Lm

Audrey Martheze Cresswell

Loving the music

Sonia Marillier

Wonderful memories

Dot Friedman

Good show! I enjoy it very much

Andre Beukes

Enjoying the music!

Yvonne Butler

I have been listening to you and loving the music very much, so many songs bring back memories, thank you.

Lyn Hood

Enjoying the music thanks

Tish Van Jaarsveld

You always bring a smile to my face LM

Lyn Hood

Love the music today!!!!

Cheryl Ann Leslie

Enjoyed Winchester Cathedral. Have not heard that song in very long time.

Hennie van der Colff

Thank you LM Radio for the music.

Debbie in Walkerville

Thank you for the music
For giving it to me

Deirdre Adler

Through the good times and bad times, just the right music to suit every mood!

Wendy Lynnette Vincent

I can’t be with out my music. Thank you LM Radio for making my days so happy

Jenny Paoliello

Good memories, I used to rush home in the late 50’s from church Sunday evenings to listen to LM hit parades and later in 80’s met David Gresham when he was a tenant in our building in Auckland Park

Jakkie Gouws Burger

Best radio station LM radio

Marinda Le Roux

The Good old days and brings back huge memories of LM Radio broadcasting from Lorenco Marques

Steve Goslett

Thanks for the awesome memories, LM

Tania Künnemann

Wonderful memories

Helene Crozier

Brilliant LM Radio!! You’re the best!

Bonnie Robinson

Good morning, buenos días, from México North

Héctorin Sanjar

Love LM radio still the best music ever brings good memories back

Belinda Knoesen

You guys at LM crack me up ! Keep them coming !?

Pieter Labuschagne

24/7 my kind of music. What’s not to love

Colette Van Loggerenberg

All my friends are already connected to the BEST RADIO STATION ever!

Lucia Lalo

Just love it’s cheerful contribution to my day!

Shirley Hardwick

Best radio to listen to golden oldies

Beverley Minne

Love love love LM

Audrey Martheze Cresswell

Just love LM radio its brilliantly said

Catharina-Maria Tina Minders

Loved your music earlier today, before the American top 40 started. Thank you

Hendrik Schutte

The only place I can find right now to comment…… LM RADIO, thank you for the fabulous music so far today.

Hendrik Schutte

LM radio thanks for the words and sense of humour make lough

Belinda Knoesen

LM Radio, you guys have me in stitches with your posts – love your sense of humour and play on words.

Natalie Greeff Pinfold

Just wanted to say how much I enjoy your radio station.
It’s the only one I listen to here at work all day long.
You rock with the best music, and I LOVE all the oldies you play, you never hear those brilliant old classics on other radio stations.
Thank you so much
YOU ARE THE BEST, please keep doing what you are doing.
Best Regards

Sharon Gatley

Just a huge thank you for an awesome radio station with fantastic music. We live in Australia and have your radio station permanently on our phones.

Lydia Townrow

Good day, I recently discovered the Joyce Meyer early morning show on LM radio. Thank you so much for this show. Always good to start the day around the word of our Lord. I go out my way not to miss it. It also makes for an even better radio station and all the more reason not to touch the dials.

Fanie vd Berg

Hi LM, we live streaming from Gorgona in Panama. We are 7 hours behind SA. Thanks for the awesome music, love to all our family and friends

Di and Merv Webb

Loving your station as always
So refreshing to turn on the radio and hear there are still people out there who complement a company’s service!!
Just softens the soul…

Thank you


Stop it I like it!!!
Cant control myself, can’t work just dancing, singing dancing, singing

Elaine van den Bergh

Thanks for a great station, great music excellent DJs. Love the selection of music player daily, not to forget the hit parade songs from way back. Daffy u rock and of course all u guys best ever one station on my dial. Home, car and office, just would not be the same if it were not so Keep the good work rolling and play play play all the bits that war ever made. THANK U LM RADIO and all concerned, old LM radio fan from way back.

Dennis van Aswegen

Love the Music DJ’s are totally awesome

Theresa Hillier

Fabulous listening to old classics. Great memories

Louse Candy

Greatest Radio Station!

Ellen Hancke

Great Station

Stephen Glensor

Love the memory making music, and hats off to the very professional presenters.

Tony McGuinness

Keep up the excellent music

Lorna Piscaer

Keep us young by keeping us remembering the good old days

Stephen Glensor

Keep on doing what LM Radio does best, play awesome music

Trudi Clements

I loved LM Radio when I was a teenager and now that it is back, it is fantastic!

Jennifer Duncan

Good to listen to lm again. lm was the first to air popular songs by energetic and excellent capable dj’s. good to have this back. NEVER stop again. sasha martinengo is the additve taht was missing, fortunately this has CHANGED. thank you.

HD Deetlefs

Love you

Chris Daffy

Thank you for keeping it as near as possible to how it was.

Len Hunter

Yeah, not too keen on cover songs, especially Elvis

Rosa Frank

You are awesome!

Malcolm Carlyle

One of the best radio stations I’ve been introduced to. Thanks for all the great music. 👍🏻

Maryanne McDonald

Sunday’s always best music

Nate Peters

Keep doing what you’re doing


I like the music played on LM as well as the Facebook posts..

Johan Marais

Would like to hear a bigger variety…i know you do play a variety, but seems like the same songs and artists over and over

Wim Herbst

Rather play original versions of songs,not SA covers

Andries Delport

I spent most of my year in Ghana, where we can’t listen to LM Radio as it is not on the DSTV west Africa package. Streaming is not an option. I do listen when I am home in SA via DSTV.

Kathy Hudson

I love the music on this station

Kevin Leonard

Hi there, firstly great music having lived in LM from 1969-1974 had great friendships with all the LM DJ,s of that time and the music brings back wonderful memories. In fact in LM history archives under sound, the only New year broadcast 1969 into 1970 is there. If you listen very closely Darrel went outside John Orr’s and at a point called me up ‘Jackie come up whats your surname I answered Le Roux, new in LM, is that your wife, name Doreen, called her up and asked her if she was liking LM to which she answered yes. So thanks for every day with music and the special memories of those days and what it was like to be young during the sixties and seventies. A big and grateful thank you most appreciated.

Jackie Le Roux

Keep on playing the best music all the time!!

Trudi Clements

I am so happy I found your station, I feel as if everything is going to be alright. The other stations are all talk – talk – boring stuff or they play that boom boom music noise, which really irritates me.

Stephen Glensor

I have listening to LM Radio since I was 11 years old and when your station returned I listen every day

Trudi Clements

Great job. Carry on.

Gert Van Wyk

Keep up the good shows and Music!!

Douglas Whytock

The station is awesome. We need more DJs like Sasha, his play list is awesome.

Warren Lloyd

“I absolutely am in love with LM Radio. Firstly because I hear my favorite band every day (Queen) and because you play quality music. I play LM at my business and my clients have since installed LM on their home radios, car radios (many with my help) and DSTV’S. Love you guys.”

Petru Pienaar

“Keep the air wave filled with the magic!”


“I just love the music you guys play. My radio is on 24 hours a day!”


“Thank goodness for LM keeping us going at work. Well done! Tony and Jenny hard at work in Brisbane Oz”

Tony & Jenny from Australia

“To all at LM RADIO have a safe and great Wednesday and everybody Keep listening to LM Radio because it rocks.”

Neil from The Blood Brothers Motorcycle Club

“Good afternoon. Every morning when I wake up I listen to your radio. It
gives me energy and good mood for the whole day. Now I can not imagine
my normal day without your radio. My whole family also listens to your

Julia A. Fufkova

“Good morning LM, my favorite music station.Thank you for the great music, I take this station with me everywhere I go!”


“Great music. Just loving your excellent LM radio.”

“LM Radio of course….still the best”

Genevieve Reeves

“LM Radio my favorite fabulous station.”

Catherine Schoeman

“LM radio of course. Best station in the world!”

Linda de Scally

“Sitting here in Vancouver- British Columbia and loving the LM radio tunes streaming through my echo Dot smart speaker. I just say “Alexa” play my favourite station and LM radio starts streaming – lekker hey!”

Mike Botha

“My life has been changed by finding this awesome radio station. Love it!!”

Michele Briggs

“LM radio you are the best!! I’m a South African Nurse on a cruise ship currently in the Caribbean!! you’re getting me through my night of night duty. It’s almost 4am live streaming is really great
huge thanks xxx”

Dawn Goodwin

I cannot tell you how great it is to have a station like this. It’s a real pleasure to listen to good music, although sometimes it’s not the original artists, it makes no difference. Keep up the great work. Brings back the good old days, with warm feelings.

Merlene Spies

LM Radio is on ALL DAY (821 DSTV) in our house. Love Lance’s show early Saturday evening.

“Really great station. Listened in those years, now even better. Hear songs forgotten already. Always put one in the right mood.”

Herman Van Der Westhuizen

“Hi guys, just want to say what a wonderful, on the go station you guys are running !! The music is magic !! It takes me back to my good old days !! Don’t stop !! Thanks so much!”

Susane Lowe

“I just love your station, found it by accident when all the usual stations went of the air for one reason or the other and i kept searching for something to listen to and up popped 87.8, and now we are hooked!!!”

Rudi Pretorius

“You guys are the best – have you on my TV radio dstv every day. Best music ever. I also grew up in Swaziland – parents listened to LMR and Radio Moz. everyday”

Alistair Mancos

“To let you know advertising on LM Radio does work!

I have always bought another brand of milk and found myself reaching for Douglasdale yesterday. it does taste good.”

Bee Openshaw

“LM Radio, The best radio station in the world!”

Gerrit de Visser