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Adrian Larger

Adrian Larger is the “supercharger” and resident music junkie. His passion for music started after discovering several of his family’s…

Bobby Louw

Off the Beaten Track, 20 Golden Years
Bobby Louw is one of SA’s most experienced studio and live musicians. He has appeared as a lead and backing…

Brandon Baatjies

News Reader
It was clear from a very young age that Brandon would end up doing something related to sport as a…

Gavin Buckle

LM Drive
Gavin Buckle, has been involved in the radio, television outside broadcasting, and the events industry for over 25 years. Ultimately,…

Gavin K

Your Great LM Radio Weekend
Gavin K admits his small 6 transistor radio tucked under his pillow at boarding school in Grahamstown was his best…

Helenne Ulster

LM Jazz Eeze
Helenne Ulster is originally from Cape Town, but has lived in Johannesburg for the past 34 years. She has been…

Lynita Crofford

News Reader
Lynita has a Drama degree from the University of Pretoria and has worked extensively in radio ,television and theatre for…

Megan Edwards

Megan Edwards has the smoothest voice to ever grace SA’s night-time airwaves. Despite her natural-born voice built for easy listening,…

Peter Wise

LM Rocks [Classic Rock & Blues] & LM Evening with ‘The Wiseman’
Peter ‘the Wiseman’ Wise is our bubbly, relaxing host of the weeknights evening [6 to 9 pm] show, and turns…

Sasha Martinengo

LM Breakfast
Sasha Martinengo was born to be successful and to be in the spotlight. Proudly Italian with an ancestral racing gene…

Sihle Ndlovu

LM Brunch
Sihle Ndlovu is a small-town girl from Secunda, Mpumalanga who has navigated her way to the bright lights of Johannesburg…

Tim Alfredo

Late Night Groove
Tim Alfredo a the short name for Timoteo Benjamim Alfredo. He is a Mozambican national and has been a member…

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