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Brian Oxley has a wealth of experience few others in broadcasting can compete with. He has been in the radio business for nearly 4 decades, gaining a powerful media background and a great passion for radio.

Brian started his career as part of the original Capital Radio 604 line-up, and has since worked at many of SA’s top stations. Beyond the presenter’s chair, he has co-directed his own Advertising, Marketing and PR agency, created the youth magazine “Teen Zone”, acts as DOP for his company, Wine-Mark, and is the originator of the Orchid & Onion Award.

Brian is known for rubbing shoulders and interviewing some of the biggest celebrities from all over the world, including traveling to France to interview and see Celine Dion in concert. But he’s a star in his own right, having produced inserts for a music Top 20 show, presented a comedy news-feature on a late night talk show and hosted an outdoor lifestyle TV series. He has even appeared in a horror movie!

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