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Gavin K admits his small 6 transistor radio tucked under his pillow at boarding school in Grahamstown was his best friend.

“I would listen to the radio to escape the loneliness of being away from my family and home. The lyrics of every song spoke to my heart.

Music fed my soul in those days Elvis, Motown, The Beatles , The Rolling Stones provided endless happy hours of escape from the discipline of boarding school.

I later pursued my personal interest in American radio stations and would have cassettes flown in from stations like WBLS in New York where I would spend hours studying the presenters techniques and formats. The Greaseman from DC101 will forever be the greatest of all time jocks for me. What a talent !

Talk radio also grabbed my interest as presenters like John Laws on Australian Radio would be also enthusiastically sourced on cassette tape and studied.

Years of being in my own business could not hold his love of radio back and when a community radio called him to audition , he jumped at it and was awarded with a weekly hourly show which then turned into the breakfast gig.

I was happy minding my own business until a call came from the national broadcaster who invited
me to come on board . I spent an amazing 5 years with Radio 2000 where I was given a platform to hone my skills as a presenter and I took every opportunity to get to my goal of 10,0000 hours.

Being at LM Radio is going full circle because it was LM Radio where I began this love affair with the medium of broadcast radio.

David Davies, Gerry Wilmot, Darryl Jooste, John Berks, David Gresham, Reg de Beer were the most exciting broadcasters of that era on LM Radio and with a hair brush in hand I would front and back announce tracks as if I was live on air.

I know every time I step into the studio I am standing on the shoulders of those giants of radio that came before me and I dare not let you or them down.

It’s a responsibility I do not take lightly or for granted. Nothing gets my adrenalin pumping like the studio red light which tells me we are live ON AIR.”

I live for that moment…………………….

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