Advertise on LM Radio: Connect with Our Engaged Audience

Are you looking to reach a diverse and engaged audience with your advertising message? Look no further than LM Radio, where we offer a unique opportunity to connect with our loyal listeners across South Africa and beyond.

Connect with LM Radio’s Prime Timers Audienc

LM RADIO® has a mature audience known as PRIME TIMERS.


  • Listening to radio.
  • Live in large cities, in estates and small holdings.
  • Have high paying jobs or run their own businesses.
  • They are also more likely to own their own property.

LM RADIO reaches Gauteng and parts of Mpumalanga and the Free-State via the 702AM frequency and audio services on DSTV channel 821 and online ( plus globally via streaming on its Play-store APP.

Delving into the Numbers: Radio Listenership Report

The RAMS Amplify Radio Listenership Report for October 2022 to September 2023 reveals promising trends in audience engagement, with a substantial listenership of 66,000 in the past seven days. This data underscores the widespread appeal and impact of radio as a medium, highlighting its ability to reach and resonate with diverse audiences. As we analyse these insights, we gain valuable insights into listener preferences and behaviours, guiding us in delivering content that captivates and connects with our audience effectively.

Why Advertise with LM Radio?

  • Extensive Reach: LM Radio reaches Gauteng and parts of Mpumalanga and the Free-State via the 702AM frequency. Additionally, our audio services on DSTV Channel 821 and online streaming on our website ( allow us to connect with listeners nationwide and globally.

  • Long Listener Tune-In Time: LM Radio boasts the longest continuous listener tune-in time of 5 hours and 38 minutes. Our dedicated audience tunes in for extended periods, ensuring maximum exposure for your advertising message.

  • Targeted Demographics: Our audience primarily consists of listeners over the age of 40 in the mid to upper-income bracket (R39,000+ per month). This demographic is highly receptive to advertising messages, making LM Radio an ideal platform for reaching your target market.

  • Unique Format: LM Radio’s unique format, featuring more music and less talk, sets us apart from other radio stations. With a focus on hits from the 60s to the 90s, we offer a nostalgia-driven listening experience that resonates with our audience.

Advertising Options:

  • Radio Commercials: Capture the attention of our listeners with impactful radio commercials aired during our popular shows.

  • Online Advertising: Enhance your online presence with targeted advertising on our website, reaching thousands of visitors daily.

  • Sponsorship Opportunities: Explore sponsorship opportunities for specific shows, segments, or events to increase brand visibility and engagement.

Get in Touch:

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to advertise with LM Radio and reach our highly engaged audience. Contact our advertising team today to discuss customized advertising solutions tailored to your brand’s needs and objectives. Let us help you amplify your message and achieve your advertising goals with LM Radio.

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