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At LM Radio, we specialize in delivering a vibrant music bouquet spanning from the swinging 60s to the groovy 90s. Our curated selection of hits isn’t just about entertainment; it’s about evoking precious memories and creating moments of joy for our listeners.

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Embark on a Musical Odyssey with LM Radio

Tune in to LM Radio for a journey through musical nostalgia, where every song is a cherished memory waiting to be rediscovered. Alongside our melodic tunes, enjoy a plethora of features, including exclusive in-studio interviews with artists, special segments on selected musicians, and intriguing insights into “this day in musical history”.

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Stay Informed, Stay Joyful
LM Radio’s Daily Dose of Happiness

Stay informed and entertained with our up-to-date news coverage and sports reports, ensuring you’re always in the loop. With LM Radio, every day is an opportunity to Have a Happy Day. Tune in now and let the music fill your soul with happiness.

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Meet Our Presenters and Dive into their Captivating Shows!

At LM Radio, our dedicated team of presenters brings you a diverse range of shows, each carefully crafted to cater to your musical preferences and interests. From the crack of dawn to the late hours of the night, there’s always something exciting happening on LM Radio:

Explore the Vibrant World of LM Radio!

Welcome to LM Radio, your gateway to a world of music, entertainment, and endless joy. Dive into our vibrant platform and discover a plethora of exciting features designed to keep you entertained and engaged:

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How to Listen

Experience the magic of LM Radio SA wherever you are! Tune in through various convenient platforms:

702AM Frequency 

For listeners in Gauteng and parts of Mpumalanga and the Free-State, catch LM Radio SA on the 702AM frequency. Tune in to enjoy our curated selection of timeless tunes and engaging content.

DSTV Channel 821

Enjoy our eclectic mix of hits directly from your television on DSTV Channel 821. Simply flip the channel and immerse yourself in nostalgia.

DAB+ Gauteng

For crystal-clear sound quality and uninterrupted listening pleasure, tune in to LM Radio SA on DAB+ Gauteng. Experience your favourite hits with unparalleled clarity.

Live Stream on Youtube

Can't tune in live? No worries! Catch LM Radio's live stream on YouTube and never miss a moment of your favourite tunes. Plus, explore our archive of previous content to relive the magic any time, anywhere. Go to YouTube here...

Live Stream on Website

Can't access your TV or at work? No problem! Head over to our website and stream our live broadcast. It's just a click away, ensuring you never miss a beat. Listen Live online here...

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Take LM Radio SA with you with easy access at your fingertips, you can enjoy our music bouquet any time, anywhere.